Prayers of Forgiveness through Music and Movement

Estag’firullah Zikr:
mesmerizing-moroccan-arabic-designs-clay-repetitive-colorful-attractive-middle-eastern-star-design-painted-carved-35612494When: Monday June 5th 7:30pm

Location: Ballard Oddfellows Hall
(1706 NW Market Street 98107) in Seattle

Zikr is a practice of prayer using synchronized chanting, music, and movement. We invoke specific spiritual energies through sound and intention. The head of the Mevlevi Order of America, Makam Postneshin Jelaleddin Loras, has offered this Estag’firullah Zikr as a blessing for us in establishing the Mevlevi tradition on American soil.

The Estag’firullah Zikr is intended to be a spiritually healing prayer experience.  Estag’firullah is taken from the Arabic Ghafûr , one of the traditional Names of God meaning “the pardoner, the forgiver.”  We invoke Estag’firullah to ask for forgiveness for every breath we have taken without remembering the divine unity of this reality.

We sing, whirl, and dance together in prayer to help each other polish our hearts, clarify our minds, and remember the ways we are intimately connected to God. Here we have a way to open our hearts and hands to the source of healing, and to all in need simultaneously. If you are unable to stand in the circle or engage in the physical movements, know you can still fully participate by simply sitting and being present with us.

We begin at 7:30 and welcome you to join us. Most nights, we have time to chat afterwards over tea. Please wear comfortable, modest clothing and thick socks for ease of floor movement.

Suggested donation: $15.00 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
Questions: Contact Suleyman Scott at 206.784.1532


For the love of God, no other love seek
In the abode of Soul, no other task seek
Other than the Beloved, never seek another mate
Seek not to doubt, trivia make you weak.
Another love, another task, is an impossible fate
In thy Godly faith, seek not doubt’s stench & reek
In soul’s territory, heart’s courage is great
With such courage turn from strangers and paths oblique.
Half the world like vultures, half carcass-like wait
Cast not vulture’s eyes upon the dead and the meek.
If seduces with looks, with features and trait
Try to see the thorns in that rosy cheek.
Upon temptations dwell not, nor debate
Don’t make a leader from every lost freak.
Trust not the one who turns from love to hate
Secrets of your heart with such do not speak.
If the Light of Shams shone upon you of late
Concern not yourself with this passing garden’s state.

Ó Shahriar Shahriari
Vancouver, Canada
September 14, 1998