Urs of Suleyman Dede

Dear Ones,

1/19 marks the anniversary of Sheikh Suleyman Loras Effendi and his reunion with the Divine Beloved. Suleyman Dede is the father of our Makam Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras Effendi and was the first to bring Mevlevi practices to the West before sending our Makam Postneshin to teach us. In celebration, we’ll be offering zikr and a potluck meal with remembrances of Dede Effendi.  Please join us.

Details: Monday January 19th at 7:30

Ballard Oddfellows
1706 NW Market Street
Ballard 98107

Please bring a dish for dinner and $15 for hall rental

Have no doubt, there are those who are asleep,
day and night, to the affairs of this world,
yet moving like a pen in the hand of God.
Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi | Mathnawi I: 394

Much Love,

Seattle Teaching Circle